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Blaize Brubaker, Ian Brubaker and Jalen Wisler have been awarded Classical Conversations of Franklin County’s Memory Master distinction. The homeschool honor requires students to memorize and recite more than 400 pieces of information from history, math, science, geography, arts and music and language.


Blaize Brubaker, Ian Brubaker and Jalen Wisler each memorized and recited more than 400 pieces of information in seven subject areas, including math (multiplication tables to 15s, cubes, basic geometry formulas, unit conversions), 161 events and people in a chronological timeline, 120 geographic features around the world, 24 science facts, 45 U.S. presidents, 24 history sentences spanning six ancient kingdoms and five Latin noun endings and singular and plural cases. In addition, students completed 24 weeks of fine arts, including music theory, study of composers and classical music and techniques of great artists, including drawing and painting. The proofing process is done three different times with three different adults and takes several hours. It must be wholly accurate in order to achieve the title of Memory Master.

Classical Conversations is a worldwide homeschool program that utilizes classical education methods to achieve academic excellence while striving to “know God and to make him known.” Classical Conversations of Franklin County meets in Burnt Chimney. Programs are available for students from age 4 through seventh-grade, including the Essentials English grammar/writing program and Challenge A, which offers a full course load of six subject areas. Students study at home under their parents’ guidance and come for community day once a week. For more information about Classical Conversations of Franklin County, contact Heidi Morris at

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