SMAC launches YouTube channel, invites submissions

Smith Mountain Arts Council recently created a YouTube channel and has invited submissions from the community.

The Smith Mountain Arts Council has launched a new project, SMAC-Tube, its own YouTube channel where community members can share their art through online video.

“In this time of staying home,” said arts council president Karen DeBord, “we have a new opportunity for some virtual sharing of talent.”

The channel currently includes several videos, which may be viewed at

The offerings include musical selections, a demonstration of quilting techniques, the creation of a strip-built canoe and a short movie starring Lego figures.

Submissions can include music sung or played on the guitar, piano, bagpipe or other instrument; a reading of an original story; a selection of photos with information about the techniques used to create them; a skit or comedy sketch; or a how-to video for painting or a craft (such as needlework, wood carving, painting and stained glass).

DeBord said that the channel will not include commercial offers to sell products, but will instead focus on artistic enjoyment.

Videos should be limited to three to five minutes and can be sent to Karen DeBord to A brief description of the video should also be included.

“The Arts Council feels as if there are many talents in our area,” DeBord said. “We want to give people a chance to share them, but also give others a chance to see these talents. Let’s flood the channel with the creativity that we know exists at Smith Mountain Lake!”

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