Postseason draws, criteria are established for Region A competition

Franklin County’s Rachel Justice (No. 4), a rising senior for the Eagles, is shown in action during a volleyball match against Bassett played last season at Samuel M. Hawkins-Central Gymnasium. FCHS’s volleyball team is a year removed from a runner-up finish in Class 6 Region B and an appearance in the Class 6 state tournament. This year, FCHS makes its debut in Class 6 Region A.

With the start of the 2019-2020 academic year, Franklin County moves from Class 6 Region B where its opponents last year came from Richmond and Fredericksburg to Class 6 Region A where its foes hail from Richmond and Virginia Beach.

It’s an 11-team region with a West Division and East Division.

Franklin County is in the four-team West Division along with Cosby, James River-Midlothian and Thomas Dale.

In the East Division are Floyd Kellam, Landstown, Ocean Lakes, Tallwood, Grassfied, Oscar Smith and Western Branch.

A postseason tournament bracket that will be in use in nine sports — volleyball, boys and girls basketball, baseball, softball, boys and girls tennis and boys and girls soccer — has been created and approved by the region.

The bracket has six of the seven East Division teams playing first-round games with the top seed from the East and the four West Division teams earning byes into the quarterfinals.

Cross-over division play is guaranteed in the semifinals with the finals featuring an East versus East, a West versus West or an East versus West match-up depending on advancement.

Using volleyball as an example, first-round pairings would be No. 4 East versus No. 5 East, No. 3 East versus No. 6 East and No. 2 East versus No. 7 East.

The No. 1 seed from the East plays the winner of the No. 4 East-No. 5 East match-up in the quarterfinals while the No. 2 West and No. 3 West seeds and the No. 1 West and No. 4 West seeds are paired together.

The bracket is inverted each year.

Boys and girls lacrosse will use a four-team bracket because only the West Division schools compete in those sports.

The top eight teams advance to the regionals in football based on the Virginia High School League (VHSL) power rankings. Brackets for such sports as boys volleyball and field hockey are different too because not all of the region’s schools sponsor those sports.

Sports such as golf, cross country, track and field, wrestling and swimming are not affected either.

A regional power point system has been devised to determine seeding.

Teams receive points based on a sliding scale with the distribution dependent on VHSL classification and if the opponent is a district or non-district one.

Total points are divided by the number of games played.

Each team receives six points for a district win, four points for a tie and three points for a loss no matter the classification of the opponent.

In non-district play, each team receives six points for a win over a 6A team, five for a win over a 5A team, four over a 4A or private school team, three over a 3A team, two over a 2A team and one over a 1A team.

Losses to a 6A team are worth three points, losses to a 5A team are worth two points, losses to a 4A team or private school are worth one point. Points are not awarded for losses 3A, 2A and 1A teams.

Ties against a 6A team are worth four points, ties against a 5A team are worth three points, ties against a 4A or private school team are worth two points and ties against a 3A, 2A or 1A school are worth two points.

Ties for seeds are broken based on the ranked criteria: head-to-head, winning percentage versus common Region A opponents, winning percentage versus all region opponents, winning percentage versus common Class 6 opponents (there are three other regions in Class 6), winning percentage versus all Class 6 opponents, winning percentage versus common opponents of all classifications and lot draw.

For the purposes of the fall sports campaign, Franklin County is a six, for the winter season, Franklin County is a two and for the spring season, Franklin County is a nine.

If three schools are tied and one factor can break the tie for all three schools, then the seeds are final. If two schools remain tied, then a return to ranked criteria is used.

After the first contest date, any cancellations by an opponent are considered forfeits for the purpose of the power ranking process. The team has the option to attempt to replace that game and decline the forfeit.

In order for a team to receive a forfeit, the opposing team must have failed to make a reasonable attempt to make-up the game.

Regional approval must be received for a forfeit to be awarded. The school is required to submit written documentation to the regional chairman and it must be voted on by the member 6A schools.

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