SONTAG — North Cross-White defeated Benjamin Franklin Middle School, 27-5, in a co-ed tennis match played Monday at the Franklin County Recreation Park.

Matches in singles and doubles are complete when an individual player or duo wins three games.

Team scoring is determined by the number of games won in six singles matches and three doubles events. Twenty-seven points are most that can be scored.

Scoring the Eagles’ five points were Samantha Parker (1) at No. 3 singles, Colleen Sweeney (2) at No. 4 singles and the No. 1 doubles team of Charlie Comer and Madison Cox (2).

Winning singles matches for North Cross and scoring three points were Anne Bradley Cullen, Sam Schaefer, Jacob Juneau, Will Nolan Jackson, Anna Ciccozzi and Ian Jore Macrea at position Nos. 1 through 6.

Winning doubles matches for North Cross and scoring three points were the teams of Cullen and Ciccozzi, Schaefer and Jackson and Juneau and Macrea at position Nos 1 through 3.

Also, Anderson Ratcliff of North Cross bested Caroline Hall of BFMS, 3-0, in an exhibition singles contest.

“North Cross is a great team to play against and (the school) has two teams in the league due to the interest expressed in tennis,’’ BFMS head coach Stephanie Lovelace said.”Even though we lost this match, we continue to grow as a team.

“This league gives an athlete a chance to explore the sport of tennis while learning the basics as a first-time player, and it’s a great opportunity to recruit for the high school boys and girls varsity teams,’’ said Lovelace, who coaches Franklin County’s girls tennis team in the spring.

BFMS returns to action today against Lucy Addison Middle School. Match time at the recreation park is 4:45 p.m.

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