FERRUM — The day after returning home to White Stone when Ferrum College’s spring semester classes transitioned to virtual learning due to COVID-19 pandemic, graduate AnnGardner Eubank received her absentee ballot in the mail for her local elections.

The ballot listed only three names for four available town council seats.

“I realized if I spread the word enough, the last seat that was up for grabs could very well be mine,” Eubank said.

“I called and messaged everyone I knew, asking them to write me in. I used social media to get my name out there, as well.”

On May 20, just 11 days after her commencement, Eubank received word that she would officially serve a two-year term as the youngest person on White Stone’s town council.

“A big part of what I’d like to achieve during my term is to simply provide a new perspective and to represent the younger demographic,” Eubank said.

White Stone is near the Rappahannock River and the Chesapeake Bay, and Eubank said she wants to utilize and protect those waterways.

“My town is extremely small-business oriented, and I’d like to continue to strengthen those small businesses within my community, while promoting sustainable practices and standards,” she said.

Eubank majored in political science with a minor in international studies. Also, she was a member of the volleyball team and secretary of the Lambda Sigma National Honor Society.

She served on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and was the sports editor for The Iron Blade, the college’s newspaper.

“The political science curriculum at Ferrum not only (taught) me the functions and structures of government and politics, but also aided me in seeing myself as a global citizen. I can truly see policies and issues from multiple stances,” Eubank said.

“Dr. (Sandra) Via (director of graduate and online studies and associate professor of political science) and Dr. (Ed) Hally (associate professor of political science and assistant professor of public administration) not only taught me everything I know systemically and fundamentally, but they inspired me and ignited a passion for change and the overall betterment of society,’’ Eubank said.

“We’re really proud that AnnGardner found a way to apply the lessons learned in her political science classes to serving her community so soon after graduation. She is proof that a Ferrum education and a political science background gives students the ability to change the world,” Hally said.

Eubank said her election to town council is just the beginning — she plans to continue serving her community through politics and will ultimately work her way into diplomacy.

Editor’s Note: This story was written by Ferrum College Public Relations

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