Back in the day, if we needed to look up a phone number or an address, we relied on the phone book. These days, when we are looking for information, most of us rely on the internet.

Recently, Franklin County launched a new and improved website ( aimed at helping residents and business owners find county-related information easier.

The homepage features a slideshow of seasonal scenes around Franklin County, as well as easy-to-navigate links to various county departments. A section called “Our Services” highlights the website’s most popular links, while a calendar of events and a news feed are handy for staying up to date on what’s going on throughout the county. Other links will connect users to the tourism department, parks and recreation and economic development.

A deeper dive reveals that users can sign up to receive notifications via email or text messages, including emergency alerts, available job postings and news from county departments such as the sheriff’s office, public safety and the Family Resource Center.

With all the information that’s swirling around on the internet, knowing where to look for local information is important, which is why bookmarking this resource and signing up for news alerts are good ideas.

Speaking of resources, we are excited to share the newest edition of Franklin County Living with today’s paper. Whether you’re new to Franklin County or have lived here your entire life, we’ve designed Living to be your one-stop shop for what’s happening in our community.

Inside you will find photos and more information about our county’s board of supervisors and school board officials, as well as members of the town councils in Boones Mill and Rocky Mount, and when each group is scheduled to meet. There also is a directory of our local public schools and parks, as well as fire and EMS agencies.

And something else that you probably won’t find anywhere else — in one location — we have included a compilation of the area’s nonprofit organizations and clubs. With each listing, you’ll find a brief description of what each group does, plus a phone number or website for more information.

You might also find our county-wide worship directory to be a handy resource. When possible, the list includes a physical address and phone number to call for specific worship times.

Not to forget our roots, we explore the history and background of the nonprofit Community Partnership, which helped promote area businesses and launched beloved annual events such as Come Home to a Franklin County Christmas and Court Days.

This issue of Living also highlights our county’s history with making moonshine. As this year marks the 100th anniversary of Prohibition, we take a look back at how the industry helped shape the community and what the county is doing to celebrate during Moonshine Heritage Month in April.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Franklin County Living – and keep it handy in the weeks ahead as a ready resource for when you need it.

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