By Carl T. Cline Jr.

Vice President, Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital

While Carilion Clinic is focused on addressing the spread of COVID-19 in our region, we want you to know our facilities continue to offer emergency services for injuries and sudden trauma, such as heart attacks and stroke. Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital is also providing compassionate care for patients who do not have the coronavirus, caring for areas that are separated from rooms specially designated for COVID-19 patients.

In the past few weeks, we have adjusted our service offerings and visitation policies to protect our patients, our staff and the public in general. When it comes to the treatment of patients who might present with symptoms of COVID-19 or any other respiratory illness, our top priority is always safety first for all.

Carilion provides daily online updates and resources related to COVID-19 at We are also operating a COVID-19 Community Hotline at 1-866-604-2873. This dedicated hotline was developed to answer questions from the community about coronavirus. The hotline is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is not a call center to make appointments, receive testing referrals or receive test results.

To help promote wellness at home while we wait to return to more normal lifestyles, Carilion Wellness has launched a video series called “Staying Well with Carilion Wellness.” The videos are posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and cover topics to help you maintain physical and emotional wellness. The videos are available on the Carilion Wellness Facebook page and the Carilion Wellness YouTube channel.

And we can’t say it enough: Wash your hands and stay healthy by following the social distancing policies in effect throughout the commonwealth of Virginia.

As we continue to make our way through this difficult time, we appreciate the many ways our community is showing support for our dedicated health care employees. Many in the community have donated critical personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies. Neighbors and friends are offering specialized services and writing messages of encouragement. Our hearts are deeply grateful for your goodwill and countless good wishes as we care for those who will need us today, tomorrow and in the weeks to come.

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