Pigg River


The Pigg River rises on Five Mile Mountain and flows primarily eastward across the entire county.

When I think of the wonderful variety of wild activities our county has to offer us, I can’t help but think of Shrek.

Scratching your head aren’t you? Can’t make the connection? Well, not actually Shrek as much as that damnable Smash Mouth song that gets stuck in my brain when I ponder the outdoors.

You know it; “so much to do…so much to see…you’ll never know if you don’t go.”

That one.

When we think in terms of “so much to do… so much to see,” it’s hard not to think of all the wonderful fresh water recreational options available to us here in Franklin County.

We have been coined the “Land Between the Lakes.” And although Smith Mountain and Philpott lakes are truly our gems for recreational activity, we should by no means pass over the tremendous network of delightful freshwater creeks and rivers that dot our county’s landscape.

You know them all by name; you see them on the road signs as you traverse over their bridges each day.

Names like Chestnut, Shooting, Turner’s, Maggodee, Lynville, Gills, Pigg and Blackwater, just to name a few. Whether it is fishing, paddling, floating or swimming, these waterways all provide us with much to do and see.

Now that the summer heat is truly bearing down on us, I thought it an appropriate time to investigate a few of these wild options.

I decided to begin our journey on the Pigg River; only because I love that name.

There is something about saying, “let’s jump in the Pigg today,” that sounds so wild.

The Pigg River rises on Five Mile Mountain and flows primarily eastward across the entire county. It also acts as part of the southern border for the Town of Rocky Mount.

The river is very well-maintained and has provided a wealth of recreational opportunities for county residents.

Much of the Pigg’s recreational notoriety is due to the creative hard work put on by our Franklin County Parks and Recreation people.

Most notably would be the annual Pigg River Ramble, which draws hundreds of eager paddlers to its waters each spring.

More recently, the addition of the family tubing program at Waid Park has attracted a whole new clientele of summer visitors.

I spend many hours each week visiting a variety of recreational spots around the county, and I can say without reservation, the brightest smiles I have seen on the faces of family members were seen on the tubes floating down the Pigg.

If you want to treat the kids to an inexpensive, fun, refreshing afternoon on a hot summer weekend, tubing the Pigg is a must.

I have never been much of a fisherman. My wife will tell you, I am incapable of being still for more than five minutes at a time, so fishing has always been a difficult challenge for me.

However, I have been told by those who do have the patience I am without, that the Pigg is a “Euro Nympher’s dream come true.”

I have absolutely no idea what that means, but I believe trout have something to do with it.

There is so much to say about, so much to do and see there is no way to cram it all into one article.

If you desire more information about all this wild fun, try checking out playfranklincounty.com.

Whatever you do though, don’t suffer the sweltering heat of the summer when the Pigg and her many friends await you.

Like Smash Mouth advises, “the waters getting warm so you might as well swim.”

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Meda Legros

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Edyth Turner


Mariah Padberg

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