The crickets outside are loud as I sit here in the early, early morning. The birds just started their singing as the sun begins rising in the east.

It’s no longer chilly here in Ferrum, Virginia, and the forecast calls for high temps to be in the 70s in April.

I’m in the midst of moving my coin booth to another local antique mall this week. A place in downtown Rocky Mount. More local Saturday visibility. More local tourists. And therefore a more diverse customer local base.

This time I’m better prepared for selling my coins, and books, and shirts, and postcards. Today I’m using a much bigger and better display case—one with more shelves, glass shelves, shelves that are lit to highlight the antique coins inside.

I sometimes hope to have my wife here to assist me. To help price items. To add my booth number to sale items. To help me carry things, due to my temporary physical weaknesses that will hopefully soon be past.

The crickets are quieting down now, as the chirping of birds become much louder and as the sun continues rising in the east. A heavy fog covering the landscape is now visible in the increasing daylight.

I’m at peace in this place, without the noises of big trucks and loud motorcycles and city sirens and loud screaming children playing in their yards and neighborhood dogs barking.

Only the singing of birds. And cows. And the chirping of the few remains crickets.

It’s time for me to begin other busy days. Talking with other customers.

Staying busier, on the peace of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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