In my profession, I have traveled extensively throughout this country, some foreign countries, including being a war correspondent in Korea right after the conflict broke out. I have seen a lot and heard a lot. I have found that people everywhere differ very little.

Mellowing now into my 90s has given me time to meditate and ponder the world, but also to draw some personal conclusions.

I used to send selfish prayers to God for help, but today I pray for God.

Oh my gosh, you say. But wait — think for a moment about God. God, the unknown, unseen and unheard, the one the world’s people have believed created the universe; the one who the world’s people believe created humankind; the one they believe created all of the animals and creatures, on and under and above the world. The God above all gods; the God many believe brought about the mysterious birth of a baby they call Jesus, the son of God.

The human, earth-bound people called this baby Jesus or one of many other holy names. They believe that Jesus, or whatever name they use, is the Messiah, sent from God, to teach the peoples of the earth the many lessons of humanity, and the proper, expected way of life.

One of the directives Jesus taught the followers many lessons of life, but probably the most significant for many people was the “Ten Commandments,” which briefly laid out rules for humans to follow, which would outline God’s desires for people to follow to be loving, caring, sharing and such other directives for people to live by in their lives. None of them suggested killing, hurting other people, stealing or to be unloving to anybody.

God did not suggest hurtful behaviors, selfishness, crooked government, ego, hatred or any of the other practices we, as humans, seem to inflict much of the time. Some intentionally, others subconsciously.

Yes, I pray for God. Think how he must feel today with the world and its peoples, and other creations, suffering the onslaught of nature’s disasters, with the almost discontinuance of the climate controls. Virtually every scientist testifies that the world’s environment will be unlivable in a few years. Yet, today, we have world government leaders, including our own president, who disavows the crisis and refuses to bring about the necessary regulations to help improve the world we live on.

Now the world battles a devastating virus pandemic, which most nations of the world refused to acknowledge, or ignored, the warning signs from scientists around the world. Even the U.S. president, not only ignored, but proudly said he knew more about the situation than others. Now, thousands of people are dead. Even wearing a face mask is not mandatory, the president has said.

We can suppose that the president knows everything because, at one recent public gathering he turned his head skyward, and declared: “I am the chosen one.” What would one imagine God thought about this? Yes, I pray for God.

Certainly mankind has risen to the cause in crisis. He has fought valiantly when nature’s blasts, such as floods and tornadoes have struck. During wars and events like 9/11, people rose to the occasion and sacrificed their lives to help. But, consider the reasons for these events throughout history. They were caused by selfish, greedy non-God believing humans, although many of them would deny this. Even in wars, most often each side feels they are fighting for the “right” thing – whatever that is. At least one side is wrong.

What does one think God feels, down through the centuries, since the beginning, about mankind’s behaviors and beliefs, about who He is? What about the hatred and killings mankind has inflicted against His creations, such as religious wars, political wars and political decisions and, especially what humankind did against Jesus, God’s Son? Yes, I pray FOR God.

We people today, continue to selfishly, and with direct intent, directly kill our fellow man, and indirectly through wars and giant devastating bombs. Why do we do this? Simple – ego, greed, hatred, selfishness and control. Yes, I pray FOR God. How do you think He feels?

World or local politics is the same. It is based on control, ego, fear, financial gain and the power of influence. This is the way of life in most nations of the world. In our country, taking care of others is a minor concern. We have constant political battles, and unseeingly, one whole political party blindingly following a leadership that is totally built on showmanship and ego. Will politicians deny this? Of course. Some may feel they are different, but as a whole, they are guilty.

And, lastly, and according to research, there are 4,200 religions in the world. Christianity is first, followed by Islam. Of course there are. How many real Gods are there. If we believe in God, wouldn’t it stand to reason there would be one God and one religious faith, one teaching? Just take the U.S., for example, look at how many different Christian denominations there are. Is this what God had in mind? Is this anything more than ego and control? What must God think?

Yes, the Bible is full of doctrines, and reportedly handed down by God and Jesus. Yet, much is written by “Prophets,” who were “Spoken to.” Granted, some of this is probably true, but certainly some has to be questioned. Not that it is all wrong, but some must be hearsay. Not all of the opinions and surmising writings can be verified. We now know that the King James version of the Bible has flaws as reported by Bible authorities. It is attributed to early Greek interpretations and translations of the Aromaic into Greek, and then later into English. There have been rather recent re-evaluations and interpretations, thus making the Bible probably more accurate for personal thought. Many religions have not changed from the old and interpretations, thus making the Bible probably more accurate for personal thought. Many religions have not changed from the old. We, as humans, find change and better understanding sometimes difficult.

Will we ever return to what God originally planned and hoped for?

Yes, I pray for God.

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