You are being watched.

That just sounds creepy, doesn’t it? But, when we indicate to others that we are people of faith, we are going to have eyes on us. If we go to church on Sunday and speak harshly to people on Monday, it will be noticed. If we go to Bible study on Wednesday and gossip about our coworker on Thursday, it will be noticed. The way we behave and interact with people outside of the church building will impact someone’s decision to want to learn more about our beliefs. If people see us as a Christian, yet we shuffle around in gloom and doom, why would that inspire a non-Christian to be at all interested in our faith walk.

“Well, no one is perfect.”

I understand that; and neither am I. But as a people that were brought through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, something more is expected of us. We are to walk upright in all His righteousness. When the natural, worldly view would suggest we have a right to say something; or get even; or to respond angrily to an inconvenience; our faith in Christ says we must do better. And, we are being watched.

Recently, I was on an airplane, traveling for business. The airline entity experienced some issues after we boarded the plane. The flight was delayed which would impact connecting flights. Then, a plane full of passengers was directed to deboard the plane and return to the terminal. There were some upset people in this circumstance. And who caught the brunt of their frustrations? The flight attendant that stood at the doorway as you exited the aircraft. I would characterize many of the comments as rude, expressed out of frustration, and discouraging to the person to whom the comments were directed.

As the last of the people filed off the aircraft, I heard one person stop and speak encouragement to the airline employee. This individual was inconvenienced as much as anyone else. But the comments this person spoke to the employee were intended to encourage and be words of life and love. In an instant, you could see the expression across the flight attendant’s face lifted. This employee had absolutely nothing to do with the cause for the delay. But, she bore the brunt of the anger and frustration of those affected. Yet, this one passenger spoke just a few words, and her burden was eased.

In another exchange the next day, a man that I only see about once a year for just a brief visit each time, sought me out to speak with me. He shared a burden with which he has been wrestling. He confided in me that he has been struggling with this for about seven months. He explained that he was aware of some of the messages that I share on social media, in print, etc.

He said these very messages had served to encourage him in the situation with which he is dealing. I never knew that he even saw or read any of these writings as he never commented in response to any or shared that before our most recent encounter. Yes. Someone is always watching.

How does your faith walk encourage someone right now? I am not necessarily directing this to a new believer, but rather to those of us that have been maturing in our faith. Does our faith walk project a reflection of the Holy Spirit that is within us? Are we evidence of the fruit of that Spirit in a manner that would compel someone to say, “There is something different about you?”

As written in Galations 5:22-23 (KJV), “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”

It is important as Christians to be evidence of the fruit such that others would be drawn toward and have a desire to want to know more about our faith walk, and ultimately Christ. If we are not showing evidence of the fruit and people identify us as a Christian, we could be having a detrimental impact on their eternal lives. Not perfect, but repentant and forgiven.

Remember, we are being watched.

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