It’s a bit odd to hear different names for the same things in different regions the nation.

“Pop” can be called “soda” depending on whether or not a person drinks carbonated liquids above or below the Mason Dixon.

In the South most of us eat “lunch” for a mid-day meal and “supper” at the end of a day, while back in the Midwest we ate “lunch” and then “dinner.”

And when I told my father here in Virginia last year about the construction schedule for our new cottage and that we’d be putting up “drywall” as soon as wiring and insulation were completed, my dad gently reminded me that after putting insulation in the walls the next step would be to put up “sheetrock” rather than “drywall.”

Yesterday we insulated the walls of our tiny house, and today Mindy and I (and our energetic young friend Strider) put insulation up in the ceilings.

(When we asked Mindy if she wanted to also insulate the interior walls of our bathroom, she said no. For the first time in our 11 years of marital bliss, I told her, she’ll finally have to listen to me every morning.)

Anyway ... instead of spending the entire day today insulating the ceilings of our cottage, thanks to the assistance of Strider we were able to complete that project before the lunch hour (or should that be called “dinner”?)—allowing Mindy time to get some work completed on her laptop and for me to slip in a very-much-needed two-hour nap.

Our drywall guy (sorry, dad, our “sheetrock” guy) will be here at the ungodly hour of 730 hours in the morning, which is just over eight hours after the writing of this tome, and then Mindy and I will spend the entire weekend painting and then putting down wood flooring throughout the house — that is, if we can figure out how to do that on our own.

Early next week we’ll have the kitchen cabinets installed. Plus all the bathroom fixtures. Plus our queen-size bed. Plus all the outlet covers. Plus all the lighting fixtures.

And for the final couple overnights before we return to Dubuque for two weeks of cleaning up our rental house and attending half a dozen of my medical appointments in Iowa City and Dubuque ...

... we’ll finally be able to sleep in our new cottage.

And shower in our new cottage.

And get dressed in our new cottage.

And cook meals in our new cottage.

And eat dinner in our new cottage.

Or here in Franklin County, I guess that should be called “supper.”

Jeff Stiles is a retired insurance agent who remains active performing standup comedy and writing. He and Mindy recently moved to Ferrum.

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