Humans (and even cats) love routines. Kittens need a fresh bowl of milk every morning at the same time. Some people have inner clocks that help them awaken refreshed at 5 a.m. every morning. Cats demand a bowl of cat food — ahem, make that fresh catfood, along with the same brand of such — each and every evening at the same time.

Yes, we all — homosapien and feline and every other animal — tend to prefer the constant. As in, very little change.

Well, at least not too much change at once.

Hence, as my wife and I transitioned from Iowa to Virginia last spring, the historic Dubuque home I had named Castleview Manor has slowly been remade in Virginia into the “Castleview Cottage.”

Of course, there are ginormous and glowing differences between the two.

One is huge. One is tiny.

But once I get done with everything I plan to do with Castleview II, size will pretty much be the only difference. Because I, like cats, don’t care for too much change at the same time.

I’ll be striving to incorporate as much of our first Castleview into our second Castleview.

Castleview Manor, our previous home, is famous (in Dubuque, at least) for its huge cupola and interior woodwork and old stained glass windows.

Castleview Cottage similarly features a roof-top cupula. But the entire building is becoming special, I think. At Castleview Cottage, Mindy and I have installed wooden flooring in the cottage, as a throwback to our manor.

I’ve brought old stained-glass windows to Ferrum to be eventually placed in the windows high above our cottage kitchen, along with covering the two bathroom windows.

A section of wrought-iron fence, strikingly similar to the one along the south yard of Castleview Manor, will likewise be placed along the front of Castleview Cottage.

While our large house in Dubuque had two outdoor decks and a wraparound porch, our Virginia cottage will boast decks surrounding pretty much the entire villa — plus a large screened-in porch.

And finally, our two precious little cats — abandoned to our daughter Laura’s farm in Montvale, Virginia earlier this year — have finally been reunited with us at our Virginia cottage to help make it seem like home.

You know, change can be hard on cats – just as it is on humans.


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