Before I moved back into Franklin County earlier this year, I stayed active in Dubuque, Iowa — where for over three decades I finished college, got married, raised a family and worked until my official retirement in 2015.

With Iowa suddenly in the past, I’ve decided to continue with the Franklin County environment.

And here in Virginia, I’ll continue to have fun.

I hope to continue to perform standup comedy in locations throughout the east coast, helping people to find a reason to laugh even during the sometimes turbulent times in our lives.

Beyond that, maybe I’ll even join a volunteer service? Or two?

Just as noteworthy, however, there are the types of community service I’ll be leaving behind.

Although I served for two decades on the zoning commission for the city of Dubuque, before I moved to Virginia I’d recently been appointed by the City Council to that city’s transit board.

But I’m done doing stuff like that.

As I sometimes tell my comedy audiences these days, rural communities like Franklin County don’t have a huge metropolitan transportation system.

And I’m quite okay with that.

Fortunately for me, most rural communities have a group with a mission to preserve their older residential and commercial structures.

The Franklin County Historical Society seeks to fill that need quite adequately. Which appears to be very much important—both for those of us who enjoyed the past plus those who seek to take our lives to greater levels.

Of course, some of you have maybe realized that I’ve lived in places such as North Carolina and Iowa for much much longer than I’ve lived in Virginia. But since I actually spent my childhood ... and my initial development ... and my first friendships right here in Franklin County, I’ve felt this is where I honestly need to start spending the final times of my life.

Will these final times of my life be a totally wise time to continue past my 52 years of life?

Will these final times of my life be an exciting and fun way to share with others how things around our country are similar?

Will these final times of my life be an appropriate way to finish my life?

I guess the best ways to start and to continue and to finish life is to, in the end, finish things where we started.

Maybe I’ll at least start to become someone smarter? Or funnier? Or just older.

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