In less than a month, the Town of Boones Mill will begin a $61,000 emergency repair to fix a sewer main uncovered as a result of flooding associated with Tropical Storm Michael in October 2018.

Town Manager B.T. Fitzpatrick III said the repair took a while to happen because of the review process by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is funding most of the repair. Virginia Department of Emergency Management is also funding a percentage of the cost.

“We are extremely lucky to have FEMA funding this repair,” Fitzpatrick said. “It is a wonderful improvement for the town and will benefit residents and businesses in Boones Mill.”

He explained the sewer pipe still functions but there is a temporary fix holding it in place over Maggodee Creek. The pipe was damaged during the tropical storm last fall when a 60-foot tree was uprooted and left the pipe hanging there. Relocating the pipe, Fitzpatrick said, is critical because if something were to happen to the pipe it could leak discharge into the stream violating Department of Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

“Residents and businesses in the town rely on a dependable and environmentally safe sewer system every day,” Fitzpatrick said.

The project plans, created by the Western Virginia Water Authority, which is doing the work, call for approximately 514 linear feet of pipe to be moved and buried 10 feet in the ground. A new stainless steel pipe will replace the old plastic line.

The project area is located in and adjacent to Maggodee Creek along Boones Mill Road. Fitzpatrick said no road closures are expected, nor are disruptions to sanitary sewer service until the line switches over, which is expected to take minutes. Work will begin Dec. 1 and is expected to take less than 30 days, weather permitting.

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