roofing in rocky mount

Photo courtesy of James Ervin

Rocky Mount Public Works staff members volunteered their time July 13 to help roof retired town worker Raymond Maddox’s Wilson Street home.


Volunteers from the Town of Rocky Mount came together last week to help a former colleague in need.

Rocky Mount Public Works crew members, including Leo Wade, Tracy Tatum, Josh Arrington, Aaron McQueen, Johnny Holland, Steve Mcghee, Brandon MacPherson, Charles Muse, Jeff Pigg and Town Manager James Ervin spent Saturday, July 13 putting a new roof on former town worker Raymond Maddox’s home.

Maddox said he had a leaking roof on his house and he was “happy” to get a new one. Ervin explained the leak was so bad that the ceiling was caving in, and Maddox spent much of last winter with no heat.

The house belonged to Maddox’s longtime girlfriend who recently passed away, and Maddox has had some health issues, Ervin said. Maddox retired from the town last year after 23 years of service.

“Raymond has a heart as good as gold,” Ervin said, adding that helping Maddox was “part of the Rocky Mount philosophy. You treat people like people, not numbers.”

Ideal Building Supply donated the roof shingles, and a collection of $150 from Town Council members helped fund the remaining supplies such as nails and caulk.

Ervin said it took about seven hours to put the roof on. He added that he hopes to help Maddox with interior repairs to drywall and with the heating issue before winter.

“If we don’t close him up, he’s going to freeze,” Ervin said.

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