A new residential development in Westlake is once again moving forward following the project’s approval by the Franklin County Board of Supervisors on Dec. 17.

The development was originally approved by supervisors in October 2018. Westlake Holdings LLC proposed 25 single-family homes and up to 250 multi-family units along Village Springs Drive, Brookview Lane and Parkcrest Drive in Westlake.

Since that time, half the project was sold to Westlake Apartment Homes LLC, which plans to construct 250 multi-family units as a series of apartments along Morewood Road behind CVS. The new developers returned to supervisors this month to request a delay in several road improvements that were conditions set by the county before the project was approved last year.

Private roads, Village Springs Drive and Brookview Lane, had been required to be upgraded so they could be included into the Virginia Department of Transportation system once the first 24-unit apartment building was completed. Westlake Apartment Homes LLC asked to amend the condition to upgrade only a portion of Village Springs Drive up to VDOT standards.

“At this point, it does not make our project viable to improve all these roads,” said Alexander Boone, a representative for Westlake Apartment Homes LLC at the Dec. 17 meeting.

The new proposal by Westlake Apartment Homes LLC is to upgrade a portion of Village Springs Drive from its entrance at Morewood Road to the entrance of Brookview Lane. Boone said exits from the apartment complex would be placed in a way to encourage vehicles to exit onto Morewood Road.

Boone said the development would begin with a two 24-unit apartment buildings with additional buildings constructed as needed. According to the new conditions approved by supervisors, the remaining portion of Village Springs Drive would be upgraded to VDOT standards once 96 units are constructed.

Improvements to Brookview Lane and Parkcrest Drive are expected to be made once the plan for the proposed 25 single-family homes moves forward. That portion is still owned by Westlake Holdings LLC.

Boone said construction on the apartments will begin as soon as possible. “We are planning to build just as soon as we can get a building permit,” he said.

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Tijuana Olander

After board approval, new residential project Westlake is making rapid progress. We are expecting that resumespice review project will be completed in first three months of this year and it will open new opportunities for us.

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