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Boones Mill Town Council incumbents Keith Chrisman Jr., Sarah Eames and Dale Fisher will retain their seats, while challengers Patricia Hogan and T.C. “Christy” Hogan were defeated at the polls today. Eames garnered 33.3% of the vote, according to final but unofficial results from the Virginia Department of Elections while Chrisman took 16.6% and Fisher took 23.08%.

Victor Conner, who ran unopposed for the Mayor’s seat, will succeed outgoing Mayor Ben Flora in July.

In Rocky Mount, incumbents Mark Newbill and Billie Stockton retained their town council seats while Tyler Lee is the newcomer to council. Newbill earned 23.96% of votes, while Stockton earned 30.52% and Lee 25.66%. David Clements, who was defeated, earned 19.01% of the votes.

Despite urging from Gov. Ralph Northam, only 34% of voters cast their ballots absentee in Rocky Mount. Out of 1,173 votes cast, 408 were absentee with the remaining 765 cast in person at the two precincts in town. In Boones Mill, exactly half of the 78 votes cast were via absentee.

In total, 38% of Rocky Mount’s 3,063 registered voters cast ballots in today’s election. In Boones Mill the votes cast was 44% of the town’s 177 registered voters.

Check back with The Franklin News Post for more on today's election.

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