Parkway collapse mm 128

Photo courtesy of the National Park Service

One lane of the Blue Ridge Parkway collapsed after the area was inundated with rain this week. The collapse is at milepost 128, just 8 miles west of the U.S. 220 entrance in Roanoke.

Parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway that wind in and out of Franklin County are closed today following damage from the recent rain.

The parkway is closed from Virginia 24 to Adney Gap or milepost 112.4 south to milepost 135.9.

According to a May 22 press release from the National Park Service, the heavy rain over the past week has created multiple road hazards in the local area of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Within the larger closure area, a full road closure to all uses (including motor traffic, bicycles and pedestrians) is in place from milepost 121.4 at U.S. 220 to milepost 135.9 at Adney Gap.

The largest hazard is a full road failure roughly 150 feet at milepost 128. In addition, parkway staff also discovered to two smaller slope failures that resulted in debris on the motor road at both mileposts 119 and 124. Additionally, concern remains for the stability of the hill and trees above the road in that area.

The National Park Service and Federal Highway Administration will assess the issues and determine what repairs are needed. Geotechnical and roadway design experts will assess the roadway failures and make recommendations for repairs and restoration of access. The schedule for these repairs is currently unknown.

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