The Boones Mill Town Council passed an updated weapons and hunting ordinance for the town at the start of its meeting Tuesday evening.

The new ordinance was passed with little discussion from council members. Much of the debate on the new ordinance took place at the town council’s previous meeting Jan. 14.

Council member Keith Chrisman voiced some opposition to the new ordinance at the Jan. 14 meeting, claiming it would infringe on his rights as a property owner. Chrisman was absent at Tuesday’s meeting, with those in attendance all voting for the ordinance.

The new ordinance prohibits the use of any firearms within town limits other than some limited exceptions. It does not apply to law enforcement or a person whose actions are “justifiable or excusable” in the “protection of life or is otherwise specifically authorized by law.”

With the new ordinance, only a person with a valid kill permit from the Director of the Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries may use a firearm to hunt on a parcel of land containing 5 acres or more. The ordinance also states that “reasonable care” must be used to ensure that bullets shot are contained on the property.

Hunting with a bow and arrow is permitted in the ordinance for the purposes of deer hunting within the town while in season and with written permission from the property owner and by registering with the town manager. The use of archery equipment can occur on parcels of land containing 2 or more acres.

The use of archery equipment to hunt deer is required to be from stands elevated no less than 10 feet, according to the ordinance. The discharge of arrows is also prohibited within 300 feet of a residence and 100 feet from any road or trail. Any violations to the ordinance would be a class 3 misdemeanor that could result in a fine of up to $500.

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