Boones Mill Stomps out Cancer

Photo by Rebekah Flora

Boones Mill Elementary School created the Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness during a walkathon event to support school employee Debra Bush.

Kindness is a simple concept, but impactful when done as a school community for one of its own.

This was the meaning behind the Stomp Out Cancer — PINK Project promoted during October at Boones Mill Elementary School. The project began with helping Debra Bush, one of the school’s cafeteria staff who is battling breast cancer, but grew into a school community project.

Art teacher Melissa Denning created a logo for the project and, led by the efforts of school librarian Melinda Wickline, faculty and staff began giving donations. A walkathon was held Oct. 25, where each student could choose to collect donations from family and friends for the event, which raised more than $2,800.

Bush, however, donated the funds back to the Boones Mill PTO for a special project for the entire school community. Principal Amy Shaver said the money will help fund a storage shed near the upper playground at the school.

“This will allow teachers to store outside play equipment near the playground rather than having to carry items to and from the school daily,” Shaver said. “When we have community events such as our Fall Festival or Welcome Back to School events, we will be able to allow the use of the equipment (such as chess and checker pieces for our large life-sized checkerboards painted on the blacktop, basketballs, Hula-Hoops, etc.) to those in attendance.”

She added the PTO is planning on putting a plaque on the building in Bush’s honor.

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