The 2019 Franklin County High School Prom made history Saturday evening at the Hotel Roanoke. It was the first time in the school’s 60+ year history that the prom wasn’t held at the high school.

It was also the best attended prom in school history with 568 tickets sold, but staff at Hotel Roanoke said it was the biggest prom with one of the most well-behaved, polite group of students they have hosted.

Jon Crutchfield, Principal at FCHS, expressed his pleasure at receiving the compliment by saying, “I was so proud of our kids. I told the hotel those are our expectations all the time. Everyone from the wait staff to security commented on the students’ good behavior.”

Kim Powell, math, and Beth Anne Deems, English, are co-sponsors for the junior class which hosts the Junior-Senior Prom. The pair have been best friends for nearly 30 years and say their different personalities and talents complement one another well.

Jennifer Bruington was crowned prom queen and Aaron Cole was named prom king.

The theme for the prom was “A Night in the Star City.” FCHS graduate Alex Valade of Stage Sound in Roanoke was disc jockey for the festivities.

Student response was positive. Senior Kristen Barbour said, “I had a fantastic time. My favorite part was taking pictures at the beautiful locations in the hotel. The prom planners put in a lot of work for this prom and it shows. The Hotel Roanoke is the perfect place for future proms.”

Brooke Harrison, senior, said, “I had an amazing night at the Hotel Roanoke. My favorite part about prom was the good music and dancing with friends. I was also excited about having a venue with air conditioning.”

Both Powell and Deems said they have received positive feedback from parents as well.

One parent, Sherry Scott echoed Harrison’s comments about having air conditioning and added her son, who is a junior, enjoyed dining with his classmates in a climate-controlled, banquet facility.

“He and his classmates danced for hours and spent much more time at prom than what is typically spent when held at the gym,” Scott said. “The venue was classy and well organized. The price was reasonable, considering the fact that the ticket covered both dinner as well as the event.”

Susan Wray added, “This is the first time in many years that I actually heard they danced and truly enjoyed themselves. I hope this will continue for our students as I think they deserve to have a nice venue.”

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