A psychosexual evaluation conducted on a Franklin County man recently convicted of rape placed him in “the highest risk classification available,” and it estimated he was 100% likely to re-offend, a state probation officer said Wednesday.

Those results came out in a sentencing hearing for Brandon Edward Holt, 31, who, in November, pleaded no contest to one count of forcible rape.

Holt’s exceedingly high risk assessment had a drastic effect on his sentencing guidelines, causing the high end of his recommended punishment to double from 12 years to 24 years.

At Wednesday’s hearing, after reviewing the prosecution’s evidence, a judge upheld that suggestion and gave Holt a 50-year prison term, which will be suspended after he serves two dozen years behind bars.

“This is an inexcusable crime,” Franklin County Circuit Judge Clyde Perdue told Holt who, through his plea agreement, saw three other charges dropped: two counts of aggravated sexual battery and one count of sodomy, all involving someone under the age of 13.

The victim in the case, whom Holt knew beforehand, testified against him at his sentencing and told Perdue: “It went on for a long time.”

The Franklin News-Post generally does not identify victims in sexual assault cases.

But defense attorney Steve Maddy argued in court that Holt himself had been sexually abused as a child for five years, until he was 13. Holt was first given alcohol at age 8 and was introduced to manufacturing methamphetamine when he was just 12, Maddy said.

“This is something he’s a product of. Kids who are in abusive situations tend to come out not unscathed,” Maddy said.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Sandra Workman acknowledged Holt’s extraordinarily adverse upbringing but pointed to the risks she said he presents as an adult.

“It is very sad to read the history of ... what created Mr. Holt,” Workman said, but she also argued: “It’s who he is now — what he has done, what he is at risk of continuing to do — that we have to deal with.

“We have to protect the public from Mr. Holt,” Workman said, and urged Purdue to impose the full 24 years.

Holt must register with the state as a sex offender and is barred for life from contact with the victim and from unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18. He will be on supervised probation for 25 years after his release.

Holt was also charged last year in Franklin County with two counts of possessing a controlled substance. Those cases are slated to be heard separately, in February and March.

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