The Boones Mill Town Council voted Tuesday night to adopt a 2019-20 budget of $314,358.

The general fund budget shrank by more than 10% when compared to the current year. That’s due in part to a decision not to anticipate income from the farmers market, which has been slow to get off the ground, and also to the loss of rental income, as a tenant in a town-owned building plans to move out this fall.

The most notable difference between the budget approved Tuesday and the one proposed by Town Manager B.T. Fitzpatrick in April is a reduction to the salaries of the mayor and council members.

Council voted to make the cuts at a tense meeting last month. Mayor Ben Flora is currently paid $600 a month, but beginning in July he will be paid $325 a month. Council members also cut their pay from $50 a meeting to $35 a meeting. The body typically meets twice a month.

Savings from that measure were applied to a variety of line items including supplies, insurance, wayfinding signs and marketing and contingency funds.

Taxes will remain flat, as will water and sewer rates. The water and sewer fund is unchanged at $180,000.

The budget was adopted unanimously; council member Jason Masching was absent for the vote.

Additionally, Fitzpatrick notified the council that an analysis by a testing firm found mold in the farmers market building. Though the building was renovated in 2018, that work did not include a roof replacement, and leaks have been reported, according to the analysis.

Fitzpatrick added that the analysis showed the mold is not “black mold.” He told council that the mold found in the farmer market building is scientifically classified as being in the genus penicillium. Black mold is in the genus stachybotrys .

Fitzpatrick said the council would likely discuss how to remediate the issues at its next meeting. Though the issues must be addressed, he said they do not pose a serious safety risk.

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