Details for Show Cause Order - Lowe


VIRGINIA: IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE COUNTY OF FRANKLIN IN RE: ) ) Estate of Roger Dale Lowe, deceased ) Court File No: 18-06-7011 ) ) SHOW CAUSE ORDER It appearing that a report of the accounts of John Lowe, Executor of the estate of Roger Dale Lowe, deceased, and of the debts and demands against his estate has been filed in the Clerk's Office, and that six months have elapsed since the qualification of the Executor, on motion of John Lowe, the Executor, IT IS ORDERED that the creditors of, and all others interested in, the estate do show cause, if any they can, on the 5th day of June at 8:30 am before this Court at the hearing to be conducted before this Court in its courtroom at: 275 South Main Street, Suite 212 Rocky Mount, VA 24151 against the payment and delivery of the Estate of Roger Dale Lowe, deceased, to the distributees, with or without refunding bonds as the Court prescribes. I ASK FOR THIS: Christopher Miller, Esq. (VSB #84218) Jordan K. Sharpes, Esq. (VSB #79394) Gilbert, Bird, Sharpes & Robinson 13595 Booker T. Washington HWY Moneta, Virginia 24121 Tel: (540) 721-5110 Fax: (540) 721-5112 Email:

30 am before this Court, Rocky Mount, VA 24151


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