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 Friday, February 27, 2015
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Governor should sign ‘Right to Life’ legislation

It's now up to Gov. Terry McAuliffe if a "Right to Try" bill is approved in Virginia this session. The bill, which helps terminally ill patients gain access to experimental treatments that have not yet been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), has been approved by both the state Senate and House and sent to the governor's desk. This legislation has been approved in five states already, and about a dozen more are considering passing it.

Obviously, the bill pulls at the heartstrings. After all, why should someone who is going to die be denied the chance, however remote it may be, to at least try something that could save them or at least prolong their lives?

And that chance is not always remote. The Virginia-based Abigail's Alliance was created by Frank Burroughs after his 21-year-old daughter, Abigail, died from cancer in 2001. The alliance is dedicated to fight for the right to try, helping patients with life-threatening illnesses have better access to experimental drugs.

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Spelling champ moving on to the next level

Congratulations to Asa Stevens, a fifth-grader at Ferrum Elementary, for being the Franklin County Spelling Bee champ this year. Asa faced 12 other contestants, one from each elementary school in the county and one from Benjamin Franklin Middle School on Tuesday night.

The winning word was "ballyhoo," which may sound simple and phonetically easy to spell, but spelling bee words are often tricky. Students who have never actually seen the word may be hard-pressed to spell it.

This just goes to show, though, what a difficult process it can be to reach the finals after winning at the individual schools.

Our hats are off to all of the students who participated in the spelling bee. They literally put their skills on the line while under a ton of pressure. That's not an easy task.

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