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 Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Rocky Mount, you did it again!

We had guests here at the Claiborne House bed-and-breakfast getting married. After an elegant elopement ceremony at the Claiborne House, they took beautiful wedding photos and had cake and a toast on the porch.

Then they proclaimed a change of plans, instead of the fine dining meal they had anticipated, they just wanted pizza! I recommended they go around the block or cut through High Street Cemetery and go to Hema's Italian Restaurant for some great pizza.

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County residents cannot afford tax increase

At the March meeting of the Franklin County Board of Supervisors, I talked about the 0.7 percent population growth. There is still the need for more people and more jobs.

The proposed 2-cent real estate tax increase will be a burden on the people in Franklin County.

The $129 million budget should be reduced by 0.75 of 1 percent, which would solve the budget woes.

Another way to balance the budget would be at the suggestion of one supervisor, to take the money from reserve funds.

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Vote for honesty

Had the promises made in the sale of The Affordable Care Act, "Obamacare," been true, it may have worked. The cost figures were "cooked" from the start too keep the Congressional Budget Office, CBO, figures under a trillion. Like a computer model, if correct figures go in, correct figures out to the public, insurance companies and the Supreme Court. CBO can only use the figures that Congress put in. I believe the folks who passed Obamacare in Congress was the Democrat party without one Republican vote to help.

To be fair, most everybody wanted the destitute, pre-existing conditions and those using emergency rooms for healthcare covered.

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