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 Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Gillespie up to speed on issues facing Virginia, nation

The July 26th debate between Ed Gillespie and Mark Warner went very well for Ed Gillespie! Warner struggled mightily to distance himself from Obama; however, it is very difficult for conjoined twins to do so. Only the voters can make that happen in November.

The good news is that Warner doesn't always vote. The bad news is that he votes 97 percent of the time with Obama.

Warner shares a major flaw with Obama, it is not what they say. It is what they do and how they vote that is the problem!

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Federal regulations increasing at a ‘shocking’ rate

Most of the news from Washington is focused on the rising costs of Obamacare. However, it is little reported that the President and his administration also continue to issue more regulations on almost every segment of our economy....many of which are politically motivated. Recently-released government data confirms that new regulations are increasing at a shocking rate.

Every regulation cooked up by a bureaucrat in Washington, D.C., is compiled in the Code of Federal Regulations, which currently spans more than 175,000 pages! Even just the index to this Code is over a 1,000 pages long.

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