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 Friday, May 22, 2015
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Vote for Bob Camicia for continued outstanding representation

I have lived at Smith Mountain Lake for over 7 years now, and I have been impressed with the leadership provided by Bob Camicia in organizations, such as SMLA and TLAC.

In recent years, he has also served as Gills Creek District representative on the Franklin County Board of Supervisors.

In all of these positions, Bob has shown himself to be knowledgeable on the issues, in touch with his constituents, adept at guiding policy, and tireless in his effort to do things right.

For continued outstanding representation and leadership on the board of supervisors, please vote for Bob on Tuesday, June 9.

Don Kelso

Smith Mountain Lake

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Camicia is attentive, visionary

I work closely with the Franklin County administration and elected officials in my job as a small businessman in the building industry and as a citizen who is very involved in the community. Over the years, I have run into some situations where I needed help to get situations resolved and/or to determine how to pursue positive changes for the county and its citizens.

I have always found Bob Camicia to be open and responsive to any request that I may have. He has sometimes not agreed with me, but he always listens, understands and will help push new endeavors for business and the public safety organizations throughout the county.

He is a major visionary of what is needed to move our district and county forward. He has been the person that we have turned to in all kinds of undertakings, from pushing for a major change in how we dispose of trash by changing from trash bins to new compactors at our green box sites, to working with the Scruggs and the Burnt Chimney volunteer fire departments to establish a new department in Westlake to increase coverage and reduce fire insurance rates for businesses and residents.

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Camicia’s answers more thoughtful and practical

I was at the well-attended debate on May 14 between current Gills Creek Supervisor Bob Camicia and his challenger Greg Kitchens. Residents' submitted questions that they felt are important to our district. Both Bob and Greg were given an opportunity to answer each question.

I found Bob's answers more thoughtful and practical, perhaps because of his long and varied experience in both the private sector, extensive civic involvement in the area and as our supervisor. Greg's answers to me were cookie cutter, arm waving "taxes are too high, government is too big," etc. This may be very true at the national level, but local government should not automatically be lumped in with them. However, when asked what he would actually cut to lower taxes, Greg strangely said nothing would have to be cut.

Many answers followed the same pattern.

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