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 Monday, July 21, 2014
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Boys night out
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Throughout the process of the town buying the old Lynch Hardware building and developing a modern music venue put me in the category of "skeptics."

Simply put, I was on the wrong page with my thinking.

My thoughts were strictly local. The majority of the musicians and fans at the local "jam sessions" on our part of the Crooked Road are grower fewer and fewer with each passing year. Sooner than later, Franklin County's jam sessions and the fans who support them will pass into history. There are no young musicians who regularly show up for the music-making. And for the most part, fresh faces do not dot those who attend.

But then I saw the light of what the Harvester Performance Center is all about. The individuals and groups being scheduled 2 or 3 times a week are well-known performers. Many of those acts have a "cult-like" following who will travel to wherever to see their favorite musicians.

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...and the moon became as blood
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Uncle Warner just didn't believe it.

No way, he kept saying, it's all fake.

In fact, he was downright ornery about it all, pumping his fist in the air in between swigs of his home brew.

"The %&@$& government!" he hollered. "They can't fool me!"

Uncle Warner, a small, wiry man with a white mustache and his usual railroad conductor's hat, sat on a stump near his cabin at the foot of East River Mountain.

His nicotine-stained fingers were busy rolling another cigarette from his can of Bugle tobacco.

"You know what the Bible says," he railed. "And the $%& moon ain't turned to blood!"

What had gotten Uncle Warner so worked up happened 45 years ago this weekend.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had walked on the moon, and the world was in awe of the event.

Well, most people anyway.

Not Uncle Warner.

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