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 Friday, May 29, 2015
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Time and perspective
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Last year I visited my niece in Fairfax for a milestone birthday party, driving to her house that had once belonged to my sister many years ago.

I remembered the house well and had a very clear picture of it in my head, including the front yard and each room inside.

But when I pulled up to the address, I thought I had been misinformed on which house my niece actually lived in.

No, this cannot be my sister's former house in King's Grant West, I thought. This house is much smaller and the front yard is not nearly as big.

But when I mentioned this to my family, including my sister, she assured me it was the same house.

Time, as we all know, changes our perspective of just about everything, and that's especially true of the things we were around when we were much younger.

That fact almost always hits me when I visit my grandmother's place in West Virginia, an old farmhouse that was once two side-by-side one-room log cabins.

The cabins were eventually joined, an upstairs with two small bedrooms was added, as well as a kitchen at the back of the house.

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No side car for Morris
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Well, last Wednesday I found myself sitting in my kitchen thinking, "Wow! I'm up the river without a side car!"

It all started as I was returning home from a quick trip to Danny Perdue's Ferrum Minute Market. Of course, ole faithful "Mr. Victor" came along for the brief ride. I met a red pickup truck coming down the hill. Sitting beside the driver was a large, beautiful white and neatly-trimmed Poodle. I didn't get a close look at the driver, but I knew the dog so I automatically IDed the driver.

A few minutes after I entered the house, the truck pulled into the driveway. Gary Shively was at my door. He's a retired investigator with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office under Sheriff Quint Overton. He gave me a lot of big stories in his day.

After joining me at the kitchen table, where all talking is done, Gary started by saying he was president of the Blue Knights motorcycle club. Not just anyone can join that group because you have to be a law enforcement person or a retired one, of course.

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