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 Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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Victor, a river rat?
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Victor is three months into his fifth year on this earth, and it was only last week that I, the "River Rat," finally introduced him to a river, believe it or not.

That action came about because late wife Hazel's four daughters gave "Mr. Vic" to their mother three years ago. He was more than a year old when we got him from a family with a Hardy address that lived in Bedford County.

The mother had been in a bad accident and needed to undergo several surgeries. With two young daughters to care for during this trying time, the family couldn't keep "Whiskers" any longer. So he became a Mother's Day gift.

After "my dog" Lonesome passed, late wife Hazel said she'd like to have a dog she could call her own. Since I was going to work every day, Victor stayed at home and lived a lifestyle dictated by Hazel.

It wasn't until after Hazel passed last April 29 that the dog's lifestyle changed drastically. Mr. Victor isn't the same dog in more ways than one. He went through a long period of time waiting for her to return. After all, she had spent many months in and out of the hospitals and rehab.

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Kids say, well, the truth
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Remember the old Art Linkletter show "House Party?" The most popular segment of that show was "Kids Say the Darndest Things."

Linkletter, who had an easy-going, make-anyone-feel-comfortable demeanor, would talk to a bunch of children, often eliciting very funny responses.

The idea was that not only can children be insightful, they can also be completely honest, not filtering their observations through a "don't offend anyone" social sieve.

Of course, however cute it may be to see these kids on TV, it's not so funny when you are caught in the middle of such honesty by something you did or said. It often happens with your own children, and I'm sure every parent has a story or two to tell about that.

Here are a couple of incidents with my oldest son, who was a tad precocious, and I'm not sure all that innocent in getting me in trouble.

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