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 Monday, October 20, 2014
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The Franklin News-Post
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Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
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A night in the woods
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Well after darkness had fallen on a crisp fall night in the mountains, we climbed out of Bennie Melvin's Chevy pick-up truck and made sure we had everything we needed for the night.

Flashlights? Check.

Jerky? Check.

Canteens? Check.

Chewing tobacco? Check.

We chatted a few minutes in no hurry to get started. Aunt Ebb talked about her squirrel hunting trip on her day off from the Celanese. She got three, enough for grandma to fix a big breakfast on the weekend with gravy and biscuits.

Bennie told about the time last summer he found two copperheads in his house -- in the kitchen cupboard of all places.

"Don't know how the sumgums got in," he said. "But nobody got bit."

Each of us put in a big chew of tobacco. I liked Red Man, but Bennie and Aunt Ebb always chewed Beechnut.

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‘Dr. Dale’ does it again
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It's been a while since I've had to take a vehicle to a mechanical doctor, and it turned out to be the Little Mean Green Machine's turn to go...again. Several months have passed since the '97 Toyota Celica convertible had to see "Dr. Dale" Angell at Crossroads.

I'd experienced some problems with the the Celica's battery and connections, which Dr. Dale took care of in short order. But suddenly and without warning, the little convertible failed to start when I turned the key.

There was a loud click on the first twist of the key and no sound at all the second time I tried. So I pulled the hood lever inside the car. I made sure the hood was secured in place before sticking my head under it.

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