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 Friday, December 19, 2014
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Waste not, and cry when you do
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I have known quite a few people who grew up during, or at least remembered, the Great Depression.

One of the things they had in common was a disdain for waste, especially food.

They lived like Native Americans in that respect, with a great respect for the animals and food that sustain us, and a determination not to let anything go to waste.

After all, surviving with very little demands an appreciation for what is obtained, whether it's a venison roast or a couple of yards of fabric.

Even scraps of food were used, either for making compost for the garden or slopping the hogs. Nothing went to waste.

Of course, most of us did not experience the Depression, but I do think some of what I saw and heard from those who did rubbed off on me.

Certainly, I cringe when I see good food go to waste.

Now, I say all of this to lay the foundation for understanding why something I had to do recently was almost unbearable.

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Another recall notice
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Well, when I went to the mailbox one day last week, I had the usual bunch of "trash" or File 13 mail, plus an official first class postage-paid notice from Chevrolet. It was an official recall notice for my late wife Hazel's HHR, the only Chevy I've owned in years and years.

It was the second notice I'd received from the Chevrolet organization this year. The first one also was a recall notice. This time, I was advised that Chevrolet had a faulty power steering system. The first one was about the car's ignition switch failing, which caused the car to shut off and lock up.

Well, this one shook me up just like the first one. They said the power steering could go out, and I would be have to deal with the problem that I expected would be like driving a car before power steering was invented, like when you had to use two hands to steer the vehicle.

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