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 Friday, February 27, 2015
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By the sweat of our brow...
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Most of us who grew up poor learned early in life that not much was given to you.

Well, the most important things were -- a roof over your head, food on the table, clothes to wear, and a lot of love.

For anything else you wanted, like a new fishing rod and reel for the spring trout season, you had to find a way to earn some money.

I admit I was a bit lazy as a teenager and often would forego something I wanted, just to avoid work. But if I really wanted it, then the quest was on for a job, any job.

From painting to mowing lawns to digging ditches, I could usually find someone who needed the work done, often a "widder woman," as they were called. Most were very nice and paid well, as much as $1 an hour.

Believe me, a couple of dollars was a lot of money for a teenager back then.

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Goldieā€™s anniversary
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Last Tuesday when we awoke to 6.5 inches of snow, I realized Goldie, my '86 4-Runner, and I were celebrating an anniversary, going back one year and two days.

It had been that long since I I fired up my loyal and faithful transportation and headed into Ferrum's virgin snow. For the first time since calling 95 Old Craft Shop Road home, I parked Goldie in a different location as I prepared for the approaching storm.

Our first snow of the winter started Monday, Feb. 16, and was firmly in place after midnight Feb. 17. That compared to our first snow of last winter that hit Feb. 13-14, making it our anniversary of sorts.

I've never had a 4-Runner let me down in snow, except for the big 19.5 inches that stopped her cold in her tracks last year. The snow was piled high in front of and behind each of the four wheels. I couldn't go over it or through it. I "rocked" back and forth and moved about 3-4 inches from the original starting place.

I wrote last year about how a big yellow and green JD came roaring up the road. In about 15 minutes, Leon Ingram had cleaned the driveway, latched on the the front of Goldie and pulled us to the cleared black top road.

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