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 Friday, November 21, 2014
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Humor is a funny thing
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It was a day of being with family, a day of sharing stories, food and laughter. It was a day of being thankful for all of your blessings, whether abundant or meager.

It was a day when many of us descended on grandma's house for a Thanksgiving dinner.

This was a day, though, I would love to forget, but can't.

And it all started out so well.

Cousin Gee and I arrived early so we could go outside and explore the nearby creek, hoping to spot a trout darting in the shallow rapids of the cold creek, which at that point was only about a quarter of a mile as the crow flies from the source, the Big Spring as it has always been called.

Of course, the stream flowed down the valley between the steep hills, so plenty of exploring was all around us. Seeing no fish, we climbed a hill across from my grandmother's house, hoping to spot a deer or jump a pheasant.

Staying within earshot of her house, we knew one of our mothers would soon yell for us, to get ready for dinner.

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Open heart surgery has become ‘routine’
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I've known many people who had open heart surgery over the years. However, no family member has experienced the need for open heart surgery, until last week.

Of course, when an incident came close to home, so to speak, it was life-threatening to say the least. Teresa, late wife Hazel's #3 daughter, had to go to Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital's ER around 9 o'clock Sunday night, Nov. 8. All of the test results proved Teresa and the family's worst fear. She had experienced a heart attack.

An ambulance from Carilion Roanoke Memorial was sent for her and she departed for the big city about 11 a.m. The final diagnosis was that Teresa had three major blocks in her heart and triple by-pass surgery was needed. However, because she had so much blood thinner in her system, surgery could not be performed until Friday the 14th.

So for four days Teresa was confined to "bed rest" as she counted down the hours until the surgery was to take place at 7 a.m. Friday. Everything went well during those four days of waiting.

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