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 Friday, March 27, 2015
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No more taking from the people without cleaning up the government first

Friday, March 27, 2015

Here we go again, months ago when the price of gas went down the Feds wanted to add more tax to it. The reason was to use it to improve the roads, but that didn't fly because years ago when they raised the tax for that same reason, it was disclosed they had never used the tax for road improvement.

That didn't work so now they are talking about a temporary tax on fuel to fight against terror. This time they are trying to use the old scare tactic to get their hands in our pockets again. First off, there is no such thing with the Feds as a temporary tax. Once they get their hand in our pocket, it stays there. Did anyone notice the new taxes that were added as of January of this year? Probably not, it wasn't published or made public. It has been this way since the payroll deduction was adopted. They increase the amount each year knowing we won't notice it.

They already use 20 percent of the budget for defense spending. How many trillions is that? Maybe they should take some of the trillions they waste and use that.

The federal government doesn't want us to have any extra pennies in our pockets, like we had with the lower gas costs. Just keep the taxpayers feeding our foolish spending habits and scare them a little is their way of thinking. We should all contact our senators and congressmen and tell them no more taking from the people without cleaning up their house first.


Daniel Buonocore

Rocky Mount

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