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 Friday, May 22, 2015
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Vic won’t play favorites
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Wife Hazel and I have been noticing the same thing about Victor, our 2-year-old Schnauzer, that goes back several months

Actually, it's turned out to be a strange problem that we've noticed with our "animal child." In the past, Vic would come join Hazel in "her" chair or join me on the couch. Recently, Hazel would make an attempt to get him in the chair without any luck, and then I'd experience the same reaction on the couch.

After not joining either one of us while watching TV, Victor would walk down the hall, go into Hazel's room and take a snooze.

Then one night about Victor's bed time, he left the living room. I got Hazel to join me on the couch, leaving a space between us for Mr. Victor. After setting the stage, I called him into the room, patted the empty space on the couch, and he hopped up between us.

I started rubbing Vic, as did wife Hazel. The next thing we knew, he was stretched out catching some Z's. So we figure Vic is in seventh heaven between us but would rather "dodge the issue" of making a decision as to whose company he'll favor.

Lights On - Last summer, I wrote about four solar lights coming on at dusk about a half second apart, starting from the right and moving left. I was standing there staring at my old dog Lonesome's grave and thinking about my faithful companion of some 15 years.

As it happened again, I was standing on the carport thinking about my dog when the lights came on at the same exact moment. That happened despite the fact that the lights do not get equal amounts of sunlight due to shadows being cast by trees behind the gravesite.

It was like Lonesome had acknowledged the fact I had been thinking about her and she was doing the same.

Silly, you say? I guess you're right.

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