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 Friday, May 22, 2015
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CEED builder disappointed with progress

Friday, November 16, 2012

I have been involved with the CEED (Center for Energy Efficient Design) project for five years. I donated a large amount of both money and time to this project. I did this because the vision for the building, as presented to me, was compelling and made me want to be a part of this project. The portion of this vision that most inspired me was the idea of creating basic curriculum around the building and making this curriculum available for anyone on the web. This concept of open source, online learning is the wave of the future, and I wanted to do my part to contribute. To date, our firm has donated over $160,000 to the project directly, and I personally have donated hundreds of hours of my time to the project. I did this because I believe in the mission.

Before the project started construction, I was involved in meetings with educators about creating curriculum and the web site. During the construction of the project, I was involved in meetings with educators about creating curriculum and the web site. Now with CEED

celebrating its two-year anniversary, I am involved with educators about creating curriculum and the

web site. So what have all these meetings delivered? Very little in my opinion.

If the mission of CEED, as presented to me as an education tool, had been developed in a professional and committed way, this project could have been an international example of the new model of education. Instead, this opportunity has been squandered in the past four years in my opinion and continues to be.

If this project is truly important and a priority for the county, then the project needs both resources and a professional director to move it forward. I have been instrumental in making the CEED a reality. I have been committed to this project and have demonstrated this with my actions. I have seen first-hand how it has been ignored. I work in private industry, not in the public realm. I am a doer, someone that sees a problem, creates a plan for a solution and implements that plan.

Without common purpose and vision, we are all held back, and this project's lack of forward movement over the past four years has shown me in a very small microcosm why we continue to fall in international (educational) rankings as a society. It makes me sad. I thought I was going to be involved with a ground-breaking, world-leading project. Instead, this project has

succeeded in showing me just how hopeless the situation has become.

All I can say is that this experience has not been what I thought it was going to be. Therefore, I have tendered my resignation from the CEED steering committee. And I hope that in the future, the school board will get serious about this project. If and when it does, I am open to once again volunteering on the project and adding my time and experience. Until the time that a true commitment is made, I wish you the very best of luck.

Adam Cohen

Structures Design/Build, LLC

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